Hi I am Dr Ng Meng Lek

  • Asia Speaking Authority on Learning Abilities
  • Veteran Expert in achieving Higher Learning Abilities in children
  • Leading Educational Psychologist, Vancouver Cultural Regeneration Research Centre
  • Innovator and Founder of NeuroLAT Artificial Intelligence Higher Learning Abilities Training Program

Hi I am Dr Ng Meng Lek

Hello, I am Dr. Ng Meng Lek and I am an Educational Psychologist. I had dedicated my life to researching and developing teaching methods to bring out the best in all my students. During my journey in this education field, over the span of 25 years of research, I was blessed to gain expertise in Learning Abilities Training and eventually developed a program to unlock the world of learning to all who have undertaken my program.In media write-ups you may encounter one of these descriptions about me:

● Renowned researcher and speaker on learning abilities in Asia

● Eminent specialist in helping children obtain higher learning abilities

● Leading educational psychologist of Vancouver Cultural Regeneration Research Centre in Canada

● Inventor and founder of NeuroLAT Articifial Intelligence higher learning abilities training program

About Dr Ng Meng Lek

Having trained in cultural research in Canada and educational psychology in the US, Dr. Ng Meng Lek founded Ananias Learning Centre in 1992.  To date, he has taught over ten thousand students.

While this program was developed for normal students, he had many students who suffered from learning or intellectual disabilities.  These students too responded positively to his training program and became successful in their studies.  Many completed their university education.

Dr. Ng is often invited to South East Asia countries, America, Canada and China to conduct seminars on Parental Relationships, Child Psychology as well as Educational Psychology.

In Singapore, he has done regular programs with MediaCorp on Child Psychology, Learning Psychology as well as how structured play helps in building a high IQ.  He was a speaker for Love 97.2 FM, Capital 95.8 FM, FM 1003 and Mediacorp’s Hello Singapore show each lasting for nearly two years.

His views and articles are well-received by professionals in the field of early childhood education. He helps to discover hidden potentials in both normal stream and autistic children so they can thrive in school and in life.

America Learning Intelligent Research Centre has also benefitted from Dr. Ng’s contribution.  That is where he analyzed learning abilities, conducted training and performed diagnostic tests.  One of the programs he designed is “Personal Development Learning Program” which helps secondary school students excel in their studies successfully.

In addition to all these achievements, Dr. Ng has written a book entitled “Beautiful Mom, Healthy Mom” which stresses on the importance of proper care during confinement.  It provides ways in which mothers can start educating their children from the point of conception.

Dr. Ng Meng Lek is Featured On:

The Illustrious Journey of Dr. Ng Meng Lek1992-1995


1992-1995 Our Humble Beginnings with Latchkey Kids

Dr. Ng and his wife, Dr. Lui, noticed that many financially-constrain families had both parents worked full-time.  They took in these children who would otherwise be left alone at home throughout the day without any hot meals or academic help to complete their homework.

1995-2008 A Non-Profit Organization is Born

With increased government support, Dr. Ng converted their care center to non-profit.  They received a lot of academically-challenged students, some needing help social-emotionally and physiologically.  By then they had six centers where Dr. Ng worked hard to research ways to help them including those with mild autism.

2008-2015 Transition to More Research

The media sought after Dr. Ng for his views on education and his Learning Abilities Training, even more so after he helped a 6-year-old boy who had been rejected by a government primary school due to low IQ of 67 for being classified under “mental development delay”.  Dr. Ng trained him in his learning abilities and within four months his IQ increased to 111.  The boy is now topping his class in a higher-grade school.

2015- Dr Ng Launched The NeuroLAT  Programme encapsulating his 25 years of research and development.

Overcome Obstacles. Developing Learning Abilities