“Look, my child is not autistic!”, a potential customer said to the speaker on the stage, Dr. Ng Meng Lek. The doctor had done more than 25 years of research on children’s learning ability. He was presenting NeuroLAT and had shown a video of a parent who had an Autistic child who had benefited from the program. Now in part of the video section the parent of the autistic child had stated that when his wife bought the program he thought this program was for ordinary children and not for his child who had learning disabilities. Yet his child who had often failed in English and Maths after one month of the program was able to score better, 70 marks. So is NeuroLAT for children with learning disabilities or not?

The autistic child also had a short span of concentration before having gone through the program, but after one month he could spend time concentrated on his studies. Does your child have a short span of concentration? No? Then does he have a short attention span of concentration for a particular subject? Does your child not like a particular subject? Well truth be told, your child may have an issue with learning the subject. No? He just needs tuition to help him learn? When have learning ever not been fun? Learning only losses fun when after repeated attempt you are unable to get the desired result, the correct answer. So the child attempts to use another method to get the correct answer, memorizing the answer which is what is being forced upon during tuition.

NeuroLAT an artificial intelligence program that uses techniques, such as puzzles, to measure your child’s different learning abilities and progressively improves them. Once your child is able to learn, he loves the subject and spends more time on it, getting the correct answers, the desired result.

The potential customer finally bought two packages for his children aged 8 and 10, a boy and a girl. Do you want your child to improve his learning ability or do you want him or her to memorize the answer? You decide.

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By Alvin Soo