Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about NeuroLAT Global
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What is NeuroLAT?
LAT stands for Learning Abilities Training.  It is the brainchild of Dr. Ng Meng Lek’s 25 years of research and development that is proven to deliver stunningly positive results.Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), NeuroLAT skillfully diagnoses the child’s cognitive level and generates the suitable IQ questions for each learning ability.  The dynamic system progresses the child to the next level of difficulty gradually at his or her own pace.  Children who go through this program experience enhanced learning abilities and cognitive skills to tackle academic subjects at school.
What is the success rate of NeuroLAT?

This training program is 100 percent effective in terms of boosting IQ and abilities to learn.  There is no user who consistently logs into the program daily and attempt the questions but does not show improvement.

What does NeuroLAT train the child in?

NeuroLAT is developed to cover the 39 different learning abilities comprehensively at 9 different difficulty levels.  These skills are essential building blocks needed to develop a student’s mind towards higher ability to learn and to tackle academic subjects efficiently.

To find out more about the different learning abilities, please click here.

How fast can my child start seeing results?

Evidence of improvement is usually apparent after 90 consecutive daily lessons free from other health or psychological issue.

If your child consistently completes at least one lesson lasting 20 to 30 minutes every day, positive result is assured.

How is NeuroLAT suited to the individual cognitive needs of my child?

NeuroLAT consists of two different tracks suitable for different types of students:

  1. NeuroLAT Program for students of any age to enhance their IQs
  2. NeuroLAT Therapy Program for students to walk out of autism

Each program is designed to train a specific user at any given time to ensure the accuracy of diagnostic reports and consistency of individualized progress.

How different is NeuroLAT from regular tuition centres?
  • Content VS Learning Abilities

Most regular tuition centres train students on content management, whereas NeuroLAT trains them to improve on their own learning abilities.  This way they can learn and process academic contents better and faster, which in turn helps them to achieve higher academic performance effortlessly.

  • Individual training and assessment VS group training

Contrary to group trainings and classrooms, each NeuroLAT program is tagged to individual cognitive level and with the help of AI it makes an informed diagnosis and generates the suitable next questions.  This interactive method allows the student to progress steadily at a pace that match his or her own improvement.

What kind of reports I can expect to receive about my child’s learning abilities?

With every successive sets of 90 lessons, NeuroLAT produces three bespoke reports on the child’s progress accumulating to an Executive Summary after 270 lessons:

  1. Learning Needs Diagnosis Report
  2. Preferred Learning Styles Report
  3. Suitable Vocational Analysis Report
  4. Executive Summary (after the 270th lesson)
Why should I choose NeuroLat
  • Researched and developed over 25 years yielding 100% success rate
  • Value for money considering the cost includes a full year’s worth of customized solutions
  • Comprehensive reports on each child’s progress
  • Should a student fail to improve despite fulfilling the requirements of the program, Dr Ng will personally undertake to help the student.

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