My client had arranged for me to have a short interview with Dr Ng Meng Lek. An Educational Psychologist who have spent 25 years of research in Learning Abilities Training, NeuroLAT. I’ve watched some of the videos of testimonies and read as much detail from the websites and brochures to prepare for the interview. What struck out at me was the first of the 30+ learning abilities, which NeuroLAT helps to improve, Relationship.


Now when you think of relationship, you think of parents and their children. Yet that is not what NeuroLat does, which Dr Ng clarified. When they are talking about relationship, they are talking about something related to language. Letters combine to form a word and words combine to form a sentence. Some words may have similar meanings, but are used for different purposes. This relationship is a combination of letters and words, which we were taught as children to put together to communicate.


Dyslexia is a disorder that some people have with learning to read or interpret words, letters and other symbols. Down syndrome children are likely to also be Dyslexic. NeuroLAT combines with training techniques used by Karl Witte on his down syndrome child. Most parents of down syndrome children would not place high expectation on their child to be able to read. Yet with the training techniques, Karl’s son was fluent in 5 languages at the age of 9, awarded a PhD in philosophy at the age of 14 and awarded a PhD in law at the age of 16. He has been listed as the youngest PhD holder in the Guinness book of records.


So what about giving your child a head start to develop and bring about their full potential to learn. Get your child started on NeuroLAT today.