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Learning is a breeze and a fun affair everyday

What is NeuroLAT?

LAT stands for Learning Abilities Training. It is the brainchild of Dr. Ng Meng Lek’s 25 years of research and development that is proven to deliver stunningly positive results.Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), NeuroLAT skillfully diagnoses the child’s cognitive level and generates the suitable IQ questions for each learning ability. The dynamic system progresses the child to the next level of difficulty gradually at his or her own pace. Children who go through this program experience enhanced learning abilities and cognitive skills to tackle academic subjects at school.

Artificial Intelligence

AI-powered interactivity continuously assesses and diagnoses the child’s level of ability as sessions take place. The suitable next questions are generated through built-in algorithmic process based on current cognitive status in order to progress the child to the next level of difficulty at his or her own pace.

Convenient to Access

Access couldn’t be easier nor more convenient for you and your child. By accessing it 20 to 30 minutes per lesson at least once a day your child would grow consistently, even on the go! All you need is a laptop or tablet and WiFi connection.

Fun-filled Elements

The modules in the program have fun-filled elements in them to make learning as exciting as they are enriching. They are also packed with motivating rewards for your child to earn as lessons progress.

Enhanced IQ Guaranteed

IQ enhancement is a guaranteed result of NeuroLAT. The 39 learning abilities will improve and sharpen.These would play their role in helping your child achieve higher academic performance effortlessly. This would be the definite result as the child learns and processes academic contents better and faster.

Foundation of Research

Dr. Ng Meng Lek built on the research of Karl Witte, a 19th century German philosopher and pastor who pioneered the understanding that the child’s learning environment and method of learning are essential to great success.

Karl’s son who was born with Down Syndrome underwent this training and as the result he was fluent in five languages by the age of 9, was awarded Ph.D. in Philosophy at the age of 14 and Ph.D. in Law at the age of 16.

Dr. Ng combined the training techniques that Karl Witte used to train his Down Syndrome child and improved it by optimizing it with the facilitation of advanced digital technology. This unprecedented AI-supported training program stimulates the developments of all 39 learning abilities.

The Phenomenal Results

The Malaysian Ministry of Health was immensely impressed by a particular case in November 2016.

A 20-year-old youth who was on the Autistic Spectrum improved leaps and bounce after only 10 days into the Learning Abilities Training programme.

The progress made on his cognitive and social behavior was unheard of and this prompted the Ministry invited Dr. Ng to share about his program’s breakthroughs.In addition to Malaysia, Dr Ng also had speaking engagements to introduced the wonders of the NeuroLAT program to help people learn better in the United States, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia.

We help your child with over 30+ Learning Abilities


Detailed Memory



Word Recognition

Visual Sequencing Memory

Auditory Sequencing Memory

Extended Meaning

Understanding Concepts



Abstract Concepts

Spatial Perceptual Abilities

System of Mathematical Value Abilities

Vocabulary Coherent Abilities

Photographic Memory Abilities

Similarity Abilities

Visual Closure Abilities

Visual/Auditory Memory Abilities

Conceptualisation Abilities

Classifications Abilities

Reading Speed

Sequential Memory Abilities

Strategies of Planning Abilities

Sequential Extension Abilities

System Convergent Abilities

Logical Thinking Abilities

Visual Motor Spatial Abilities

Visual/Auditory Memory

Details Memorisation


Reading Comprehension – Languages

Reading Speed – Languages

Creativity Abilities – Science

Arithmetics – Maths

Mathematics – Maths

Karl Witte, a 19th-century German philosopher and pastor pioneered the ground-breaking revelation that child’s learning environment and method of learning holds the key for great success.

Karl’s son, born with Down Syndrome, was fluent in 5 languages and by the age of 9 and was awarded a PhD in philosophy at the age of 14 and PhD in law at the age of 16. He has been listed in the Guinness book of records as the youngest PhD holder, still stands unbeatable after more than 200 years. All achieved through the application of Karl’s ground breaking training.

Dr Ng combines Karl Witte’s training techniques, used to train his own Down Syndrome child, with the 21st century digital age technology to develop the world’s first AI supported training program to stimulate the development of over 30 learning abilities.