Powered by Artificial Intelligence Technology

Joyful Growing and Learning for Life

Begins with just 20 minutes of NeuroLAT a day*

Powered by Artificial Intelligence Technology

A Happier and Healthier childhood.

Starting from just 20*mins a day

This age-proof AI-enhanced Learning Abilities Training is compliant with Singapore Ministry of
Education’s standards. Developed in Singapore, for students worldwide.

Discover the Revolutionary NeuroLAT approach

Proven Success & Counting

Consistent Result

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Years to Formulate

Did you know that everyone needs 39 learning abilities to be able to learn effectively?  They include memory, cognition and evaluation abilities.  NeuroLAT brings along 25 years of research and development into its program and is customizable to fertilize each user’s brain uniquely.

On its own, it is the world’s first training program using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.  Together with a growing young mind, it empowers your child to thoroughly enjoy school and learning, without the struggle.  And multiple-subject tuition is no longer necessary.

*Minimum time spent per day

How does it work?

It is accessible anywhere if there is WiFi and laptop or tablet.

Each child progresses at his or her own pace because the program generates the suitable IQ questions according to the user’s cognitive level assessed at each stage for different learning abilities.

During training, the AI assumes the role of an expert trainer who continuously assess the child’s learning strengths and weaknesses.

For the parents, it provides quarterly comprehensive learning ability reports so that you can keep track of your child’s progress.

3 comprehensive diagnostic or analysis report is embedded in NeuroLAT,

after each of the 1st set of 90 lessons attempted.

Learning abilities diagnostic report

Preferred learning styles report

Suitable vocational analysis report

Executive summary (after 270th lesson)

Imagine a world where learning is a breeze and a fun affair every day

Your child can focus on other important aspects of his life like play and other co-curriculum activities.
NeuroLAT aims to do that.
Just 20 mins a day on the NeuroLAT Program, you will notice the change in your kids in their higher IQ and how well they start to tackle their academic subjects. Hence they can enjoy a happier childhood while gaining confidence to face their challenges ahead!

In PM’s rally, he highlighted the importance of pre-schoolers getting a headstart in developing language, cognitive and social-emotional health.

With NeuroLAT, your child will have a higher chance of succeeding in life.

I want to know more!

NeuroLAT trains more than 30+ learning abilities to help students learn and process academic contents much better and faster. This helps them to achieve higher academic performance effortlessly.